AoS Protocol Documentation

This site documents the AoS protocol as well as the extensions that have and will been made to it. If you want to propose changes to the protocol, open an issue or file a PR against this repo

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This protocol is used to measure the connection delay (latency/ping) between your local computer and a server and to find servers on your local network.

You will need to measure the actual time difference yourself:

ping = dt/2

Open up a raw UDP connection to the server’s port, and send a packet.


There are only two groups of packets, no packet id precedes the actual data.

Table of Contents

Ping start


After server recieved this packet, a ping acknowledge is sent back immediately.

Length Value Field Type Notes
5 bytes HELLO CP437 String fixed length, never send anything more

Ping acknowledge


Length Value Field Type Notes
2 bytes HI CP437 String fixed length

Ping LAN


Server replies with a LAN Info Packet

Length Value Field Type Notes
8 bytes HELLOLAN CP437 String fixed length, never send anything more

LAN Info


Length Example Field Type Notes
variable See below CP437 String JSON formatted data
Param Notes
name server name
players_current player count
players_max server slots
map map name
game_mode game mode abbreviation
game_version voxlap version

This is what piqueserver sends as of writing (an example):

	"name": "piqueserver instance",
	"players_current": 5,
	"players_max": 32,
	"map": "classicgen",
	"game_mode": "ctf",
	"game_version": "0.75"