AoS Protocol Documentation

This site documents the AoS protocol as well as the extensions that have and will been made to it. If you want to propose changes to the protocol, open an issue or file a PR against this repo

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The protocol is using ENet for transfer. When you connect, you must send a version number as the initial data.


Send your request to on port 32886.


There is only two kinds of packets, no packet id precedes the actual data.

Table of Contents

Data types

Generally, all fields in the Protocol are Low Endian if not specified.

The following shorthands are used in this document:

Shorthand details
UByte Unsigned 8 bit number
UShort Unsigned 16 bit number
CP437 String String encoded with CP437. \0 terminated.

Major update

Client -> Server

Send on server startup or after the map was changed. Master server assumes player count is reset back to zero.

Field Name Field Type Example Notes
max players UByte 32  
port UShort 32887  
name CP437 String Deuce's Wild max. 31 bytes
game mode CP437 String ctf max. 7 bytes
map CP437 String normandie max. 20 bytes

Count update

Client -> Server

Used to update the master when a player joined or left the server.

Field Name Field Type Example Notes
player count UByte 24