Piqueserver is here.

Ace of Spades Classic lives on in this open-source reimplementation of the game’s server.

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The way Ace of Spades was intended.

Many people loved the 0.75 version of the classic Ace of Spades. This reimplementation of the server ensures that the game lives on for people to enjoy with new improvements, while staying authentic to the original game.

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Why piqueserver?


Piqueserver is compatible with Ace of Spades 0.75 clients, including OpenSpades.


Mature codebase provides reliable gameplay, modding capabilies, and extensive documentation.


A continuation of PySnip, piqueserver runs on modern systems with Python 3.


No cost and GPLv3, piqueserver is free for enjoyment and improvement. Contributions welcome!

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Piqueserver is free software - free in cost, but also free as in freedom. As an open-source project, we welcome any help in developing, bug reporting, or managing piqueserver.